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Heavy Makeup Movie by Chris Morrissey
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Trick Of The Witch Movie by Chris Morrissey
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Superstar Female Serial Killer Movie by Chris Morrissey
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Actor CHRIS MORRISSEY wrote, produced and directed several Hollywood feature films that have developed a strong cult following worldwide. His first feature film was SUPERSTAR FEMALE SERIAL KILLER which was released to theatres in the year 2000. His follow-up film was LIPGLOSS EXPLOSION! in 2001. He then wrote and directed the road movie STATELESS after wrapping LIPGLOSS and begun shooting his 70's set murder mystery FASHION MURDER GROOVE in 2005. His film TRICK OF THE WITCH in 2010 won awards for Best Horror Film and the Audience Award at the New York International Film Festival and had a theatrical release in 2011. He began shooting his L.A. comedy HOLLYWOOD REJECT and followed-up that with the very twisted Hollywood stalker film HEAVY MAKEUP in 2015. 

In addition to writing and directing feature films, Chris Morrissey has acted in various film and television projects since 1990. He made his acting debut with David Lynch's Twin Peaks and appeared in the film noir crime thriller Heart of Ten. He also made appearances in Poison Soup Days, Strange Days, Beverly Hills Ghost Club and The Rain Killer. He had a fun zombie cameo in Day of the Dead Contagium and also appeared in Share Cherrie's sci-fi thriller Klohn. Chris also appeared in the Los Angeles stage productions of Casting Office, Drug Story, and Cabaret Chat Noir.  He is scheduled to appear in 2017's Jengo Hooper Returns (a sequel to the hit horror film Jengo Hooper) and the new feature film by Share Cherrie *which is currently untitled.

Chris Morrissey has worked behind-the-scenes on several film productions with other filmmakers in between shooting his own films. Some of the projects include Flattered, Beverly Hills Ghost Club, Baby of Mine, Auction, Blindfold, Crumble, 1975, Cougar Life, Condo Hell and Stage Brother. 

He is currently in the process of writing two new screenplays and plans to begin pre-production on these new projects for 2017. 

Trick of the Witch by Chris Morrissey
Trick of the Witch Best Horror Feature Award
Fashion Murder Groove by Chris Morrissey
Fashion Murder Groove Movie
Trick of the Witch by Chris Morrissey
Trick of the Witch Movie Audience Award
Lipgloss Explosion by Chris Morrissey
Lipgloss Explosion Movie
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